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Of course I'm happy.
My life is freaking perfect...


Ahahaha, I'm not angsty. Not so much, anyway. I just wanted to drop by and say hi after months of disappearance.

I'm just a good ole Pegasister, writing stuffz...

Anyway, I don't have a topic for you, or anything very important,

but if I had to ask a question it would be...
If you like My Little Pony, who in fact, is your favorite pony?


What Starter Will I Get?

2011-04-18 18:39:08 by ImJustACatOkay

Everything is appreciated..... Including spam. :)

I bit my tongue hard that morning.
I was so impatient to rush to the Pokemon Laboratory to get my first Pokemon!
I was stuffing the chocolate PokePuffs away in my mouth not caring about the milk dripping down my chin and on my Charmander t-shirt. I'd just wipe it away, anyway.
When I was finished I rushed up to my room and grabbed my messenger bag & put on my prized Pokemon cap I got free for participating at a carnival 6 months ago. I was ready to go out, and become a Pokemon master!

Upon my arrival to the lab my three friends, Cheren, Bianca, and Zoe walked out each holding a different colored Pokeball. My heart skipped a beat.

Cheren had a red one, For Tepig.

Bianca had a blue one, For Oshawott.

Zoe had a green one, for Snivy.

Before any of them could even notice me, I rushed in the lab looking frantically around. Professer Juniper saw me. "Keith..." She started. "Are you looking for something?"

I nodded. "Where's my Pokemon?"

I saw a dim light-bulb fuse out above her head. "Oh...."

I frowned.

Professor Juniper smirked and walked up to me. She laid a hand on my shoulder and a big new smile came up on her face. "I have a surprise for you..."
She grabbed my hand and led me to the backroom where I saw an Incubator filled with 5 eggs.

All of them were moving, except for one.

She picked up the egg that wasn't moving and gave it to me. "Now listen Keith..."
I was all ears.
"Now, if you can take care of this egg & make it hatch, then you can have whatever Pokemon is inside, okay?"
I nodded with a smile on my face. "Okay- You won't be disappointed!!"
I wasn't even thinking when I kissed Professor Juniper on the cheek & ran out holding up my prized little egg. I guess I was too happy to think.

One month past....

I was still the only kid in Nuvema Town to not already be on my way.
Every minute of everyday wasn't wasted though. I spent my morning tending to myself and my egg. I did a lot of chores around the town, to save up money for things I was gonna need when my egg hatched & I was gonna be on my way. I did all the little things, with the egg by my side. I couldn't wait for it to hatch, I couldn't!!

Finally, after a whole month, two weeks, and 3 days, the day came. The sweetest thing about that day, was that it was my birthday.

Everyone in Nuvema and about six people out of Nuvema came to celebrate it.
It was the best birthday I ever had!! I got so many things on that day, including a Charmander jacket for when It got cold outside, and a lot non-perishable Pokemon snacks that both my Pokemon and I could eat.
I got things for my adventure too!
6 Pokeballs, 3 Great Balls, 10 Potions, 5 big bags of the PokeSnacks, 5 status healers, and 1 revive.
That moment it hatched was when everyone was about to leave, they all crowded around and stared in a daze. When it burst out through the egg everyone let out a big awe in unison. I couldn't help myself when I cried tears of happiness and picked the little thing up.

It was a Sandile, a little girl Sandile to be correct.

Professer Juniper leaned down and petted my Sandile as I held it close. "Keith..." She whispered. "She's all yours."

What Starter Will I Get?


2011-04-14 21:35:19 by ImJustACatOkay



The Envelope

2011-04-01 20:17:03 by ImJustACatOkay

In Berlin, after World War II, money was short, supplies were tight, and it seemed like everyone was hungry. At that time, people were telling the tale of a young woman who saw a blind man picking his way through a crowd. The two started to talk. The man asked her for a favor: could she deliver the letter to the address on the envelope? Well, it was on her way home, so she agreed.

She started out to deliver the message, when she turned around to see if there was anything else the blind man needed. But she spotted him hurrying through the crowd without his smoked glasses or white cane. She was, naturally, suspicious, so she went to the police.

When the police paid a visit to the address on the envelope, they made a gruesome discovery, three butchers had been harvesting human flesh and selling it to the starving people.
And what was in the envelope the man gave to the woman? A note, saying simply "This is the last one I am sending you today."

:D .... the anticipation!


2011-02-19 13:17:57 by ImJustACatOkay

"We were playing baseball in gym and we were missing a base so 3rd base was like a homerun and I made it to 3rd base! WOOT! OUR TEAM WON!" - Seishin-Neko's friend

I know that sounds dirty in some of your minds XD

I slumped to the ground, my gun out of bullets. The recoil broken on edge.
The slaughter surrounded me in bloody tear drops falling from the sky. I could hear cries from mothers as they held their children in a warming embrace.
"I want that..." I say. "I want that fate."
Not that I thought the war was hard enough already, But a fate of a little boy that has had a bullet through one of his gentle knee caps would be a better fate then mine, If I die; my true love dies with me. For her grief would be too much to handle, and I don't want to be responsible for killing the daughter of the greatest man in all of the U.S. with her suicide.
I should blame myself for getting into the military, instead of my sister's will. She wanted me to fight for my country. But this country is simply wrecked in my mind. Why should I fight for something I hate? It was responsible for the death of my mother, the flee of my father, and now the torture of my sister which lead her to death.
"This war is pure agony" My friends would say, back in the barracks of the base. "It burns our brotherhood would flames!"

Excellent words of choice for my friends, too bad we were departed because our idiot commander said I could handle things on my own. I'm not mature. I'm still just a kid. I was dragged in here, once I said I was going to enlist in here. Jerks.

My fate is sealed.

Paragraph from: Till The War Do Us Part

The story is about a young teenage boy who enlists as a fake 23 year old in the army because that was his sister's last wish. But after only a couple of months on the force he is forced into a war against terrorists & their bioweapons that were mutated from a virus called solonum. After going through a tragic mission by himself he is sent out again only to be taken captive by the terrorists & injected with the solonum. He escapes the clutches of the terrorists but is slowly mutating into a strong bioweapon that will murder all of humanity, The army's commander doesn't notice this until one night when the boy's friends call in saying the boy stopped breathing & went blind which was a symptom, then that's when the news gets out to the world, that the virus is the area. They lock the boy in a facility that treats the disease & promises a cure but the boy soon figures out there is no cure for it & ravages on a rampage as a result of never being able to visit the president's daughter (Or his true lover as they say) ever again, trying to flee, he only gets to be shot down before he can get out. When the president's daughter hears the news he is dead, she is absolutely devastated, Instead of committing suicide she cuts her hair leaving her blonde locks behind to enlist in the army herself as a young cadet male soldier & take his place avenging her lost love, after two years of her so called "kidnapping" she returns after the war is over to have known she had fulfilled what the boy could not do & be proclaimed as a soldier. .

(Wow that is horrible in my view D: )

Trolls are funny.

2011-02-12 13:39:35 by ImJustACatOkay

They have horrible spelling, & and are cute people to listen to. LAWL

Leather Boots........

2011-02-11 20:48:51 by ImJustACatOkay

They make me taller :))

Leather Boots........